5 Reasons to Invest in Orthodontic Treatment 

We are taught not to judge a book by its cover, but few of us live by this principle. Let's take your smile as an example. It's the first thing people notice about you. A big, bright, and healthy smile will make people perceive you as a confident and friendly person. Crooked teeth, however, may have the opposite effect. 

Orthodontic treatment can help you get a beautiful smile, but its advantages go beyond aesthetics. 

Here are five reasons why you should invest in orthodontic treatment. 

1. Improved Oral Health

Misaligned teeth can create hard-to-reach areas that make it difficult to properly clean your teeth. As a result, plaque will accumulate in those areas and lead to tooth decay and gum disease. 

Straight teeth simplify the cleaning process, allowing you to enjoy a healthy and strong smile. Not to mention, well-aligned teeth are less likely to grind, reducing the risk of enamel wear and tear.

2. Enhanced Self-Confidence

Few things boost self-confidence like a dazzling smile. Misaligned teeth or improper bites can make you feel insecure and even ashamed to show your teeth in social settings. 

Orthodontic treatment can dramatically improve your appearance and boost your self-esteem. And, if you are concerned about wearing metal braces for the next couple of years, know that at Molly Hottenstein Orthodontics, we also offer more subtle orthodontic treatments like ceramic braces or Invisalign

3. Increased Comfort and Functionality

Misaligned teeth will affect more than just your confidence to smile. They can make it harder to bite and chew your food effectively and impact your digestion. Malocclusions can also lead to or worsen TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. 

Furthermore, a poor bite can result in speech impediments, adding unnecessary stress to daily interactions. 

4. Give You a Social Advantage

Have you ever met a person whose smile is so beautiful and contagious that you can't help but smile back? That could be you. 

A healthy smile has a strong effect on other people, making them perceive you as confident, friendly, and open. That could give you an advantage in an interview, for example. 

5. Helps You Save Money in the Long Term 

While the upfront cost of orthodontic treatment might seem steep, consider the long-term savings. Without treatment, you may face a lifetime of dental issues that require frequent visits to the dentist, potentially involving expensive procedures like crowns, root canals, or even tooth extraction. Investing in orthodontic treatment can help you avoid these expenses, offering a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

Are You Ready to Invest in Your Smile? 

Then your next step is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Molly Hottenstein. She will examine your oral health and create a personalized orthodontic treatment plan that is sure to give you the beautiful smile you always wanted. 

Contact us online or call our office at (484) 258-2299 to book your appointment. 

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