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Ceramic Braces in Wyomissing

If you want to correct your smile in Wyomissing, but you would like to avoid the appearance of traditional metal braces, ceramic braces from Dr. Molly Hottenstein may be just what you need. At Molly Hottenstein Orthodontics, we specialize in subtle smile correction with tooth-colored ceramic braces. Learn more below, or contact us now for a consultation.


understanding the basics

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces use the same basic design and method of operation as traditional metal braces. Brackets will be applied to your teeth, and elastic bands and wires will be attached to these brackets and adjusted to correct the position of your teeth.

However, ceramic braces are made out of a durable ceramic material instead of metal. This means that the brackets can be transparent, or matched to the color of your teeth. The wires used in ceramic braces are also tooth-colored, and clear elastic bands are typically used.

Because of this, ceramic braces are much less noticeable on your teeth. This means you can smile more proudly and feel better about your appearance, while still getting the orthodontic treatment you need for a better smile.

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why choose ceramic braces?

the benefits

Ceramic braces are just as versatile and powerful as traditional metal braces, but they blend in with your teeth more effectively, so you can feel better about how you look while getting treatment.

In addition, ceramic braces can be used to treat almost any orthodontic problem, including major jaw issues and teeth alignment problems. In contrast, some other “clear aligner” options like Invisalign are not as versatile, and can’t be used for these problems.

They’re also relatively affordable. While ceramic braces are usually a bit more expensive than metal braces, this depends on your case. In some cases, the prices may be very similar. 

What to expect

The ceramic braces process

After our Wyomissing orthodontist has performed a comprehensive oral exam and designed your orthodontic treatment plan, you’ll come into our office to have your braces applied. Dr. Hottenstein will clean your teeth, and begin by using a powerful adhesive to attach a series of clear or tooth-colored metal brackets to your teeth, along with molar bands.

Then, an archwire will be run through the brackets, and secured in place with a series of elastic bands that wrap around the wire and brackets. After your braces have been attached, Dr. Hottenstein will adjust them for the first time.

You’ll come back to our office every 6-8 weeks to have your braces adjusted. Over time, your teeth will begin to shift into the proper position. Most patients wear their braces for a period of between 1 to 2 years.

How to care for your ceramic braces

our tips & recommendations

Make sure you brush and floss properly while wearing your braces, and do your best to brush or rinse out your mouth after every meal to remove food debris from your braces. 

You should also keep food restrictions in mind. It’s not a good idea to eat very hard foods (popcorn, almonds, etc.) or very gummy foods (fruit snacks, taffy, etc.) with braces, as this can damage or dislodge your braces.

Finally, you will want to reduce your consumption of foods and beverages that may stain your braces like tomato sauce, mustard, blueberries, tea, coffee, and soda. While this won’t affect your oral health, stains will affect the appearance of your ceramic braces.

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