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orthodontic treatments

There are so many benefits to getting orthodontic treatment. Having crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw can make it more difficult to thoroughly clean your teeth and remove food particles. 

This can result in food particles and bacteria becoming trapped between your teeth, leading to plaque and tartar buildup which increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. By fixing your teeth and jaw alignment, you improve your overall oral health along with your appearance, self-esteem, and opportunities.

These are just some of the benefits of orthodontics:
- Improve the appearance of your smile
- Boost your confidence
- Improve oral health
- Lower your risk of decay & gum disease
- Speak more clearly
- Improve digestion
- Protect your teeth from dental trauma
- Certain orthodontic devices are unnoticeable
- Available for all ages

Are you a child, teen, or adult interested in orthodontic treatment? We carry a variety of orthodontic services for every individual’s needs. Contact us at Molly Hottenstein Orthodontics today to schedule a consultation with our orthodontist in Wyomissing.

orthodontic treatments

for all ages

Children’s Orthodontics - Orthodontic treatment in children is the most effective at preventing the need for orthodontics in the future. By getting an orthodontic screening between the ages of 7-10, we can screen for potential alignment issues and plan future treatment even if it’s not advisable to begin treatment yet. 

Since children are still developing and their jaw is still malleable, we can work with the child’s natural growth to encourage proper alignment development with early orthodontic or phase 1 orthodontic treatment for 6-9-year-olds.

Teen’s Orthodontics - This is the age where patients are most likely to experience orthodontic issues such as misaligned teeth, an improper bite, and large gaps. Braces are likely the most effective treatment to address these issues, though Invisalign clear aligners may be used to treat minor orthodontic problems more discreetly. 

Up until the age of 14, orthodontic treatment is at peak-effectiveness and will reduce the likelihood that the teen will need future intervention. Maintaining proper oral hygiene at this age is crucial, as teens begin to gain their independence and autonomy they may neglect regular brushing and flossing. 

However, proper oral hygiene is more important than ever when undergoing orthodontic treatment because braces can collect food particles and bacteria and it is difficult to thoroughly clean around them.

Adult’s Orthodontics - It’s commonly believed that orthodontic treatment is something exclusively reserved for children and teens but this isn’t true at all. While their continual growth is more conducive to effective orthodontic treatment, there is no age limit to orthodontics.

Many adults suffer from orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth and improper bite. Adults are more likely to experience complications from a misaligned bite such as TMJ and bruxism. The best treatment for bite correction is traditional braces. Adults with minor alignment issues are also great candidates for Invisalign.

what orthodontic services

do you offer?

Metal Braces - Steel brackets and wires that apply significant force to the teeth to shift them into proper alignment. These can be combined with elastics to fix a misaligned bite. Treatment averages about 1 to 2 years and while they are not the most aesthetically discreet option, their results speak for themselves.

Invisalign - Invisalign is a clear aligner system that applies gentle force to your teeth to shift them gradually. The aligners are transparent so they don’t draw attention and they are also removable to make eating and cleaning your teeth a breeze. 

Treatment averages 12-18 months and is not the best option for severe malocclusions. However, button attachments and elastics can be used to correct more severe bite alignment issues (though metal braces remain the gold standard for these issues).

Ceramic Braces - Like a cross between metal braces and Invisalign, ceramic braces offer the discreet aesthetics of clear aligners and the effective shifting power of traditional braces. These braces are made out of tooth-colored porcelain and can be combined with clear elastics for a more subtle orthodontic treatment.

Space Maintainers - Prevent the consequences of losing baby teeth prematurely with space maintainers. When a baby tooth is lost too early, it can no longer perform its job as its own space maintainer (that is, holding a space open for the permanent tooth to erupt into as well as preventing the surrounding teeth from shifting and leaning into the space).

A space maintainer is a steel band and loop device that attaches to the tooth adjacent to the space and holds it open until the permanent tooth is due to erupt. This is especially important when a tooth is lost and the permanent tooth isn’t due to come in for a few years.

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