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Directions from Reading

To Our Wyomissing Office

If you’re heading to our office from Reading, you can follow these directions to find your way to our office. Head west on Penn Street toward North 5th Street and then merge onto US-422 West using the ramp to Lebanon.

Once you've merged onto US-422, in 1.4 miles you're going to keep left to continue on US-222 North. In .9 miles, take the Broadcasting Road exit. Then, in .2 miles, turn left onto Broadcasting Road. In .9 miles, turn right onto Meridian Boulevard and in 472 ft, turn right onto Commerce Drive.

In .1 mile, you'll find our office on the right. We are located right next to Wells Fargo Advisors and Woodbridge Consulting. You can also enter our address into your phone’s GPS and follow the directions: 1250 Broadcasting Rd Suite 103 & 104, Wyomissing, PA 19610. Give us a call at Molly Hottenstein Orthodontics to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hottenstein.

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Services We Offer

For Patients in Reading

Early Orthodontics - The best time to get your child screened for orthodontic problems is around age 7. This is because if we detect any signs of serious orthodontic issues, we can get them started on phase 1 orthodontics right away. This will help encourage proper alignment of teeth and jaws while your child is still developing. This reduces the need for braces later in life and prevents problems associated with misaligned teeth and jaws. This may include palate expanders, headgear, and space maintainers.

Braces - Braces are used in phase 2 orthodontic treatment when children are a little older and have developed all of their permanent teeth. We offer multiple types of braces, including traditional metal and ceramic.

Metal braces are still the gold standard for correcting severe malocclusions like severely crooked teeth or misaligned bites. However, ceramic braces are a more discreet and aesthetic way to shift the teeth to correct more subtle problems without drawing too much attention to the wires and brackets in your mouth. Braces are suitable for both teenagers and adults.

Invisalign - Invisalign clear aligners revolutionized orthodontic treatment by enabling us to correct minor orthodontic problems with clear removable thermoplastic aligners. Since they’re clear, they’re much more aesthetic.

Since they’re removable, they enable you to eat what you want and easily clean your teeth. Since they’re made of plastic, they are much more comfortable. However, Invisalign has its limitations. It is best suited for correcting cosmetic issues with the teeth like small gaps and slightly crooked teeth.

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What to expect

At Your Orthodontist Appointment

When you arrive at our office at Molly Hottenstein Orthodontics, you will be greeted by our friendly and compassionate team. While you wait for the start of your appointment, you can feel free to enjoy our comforting amenities, which include free refreshments, charging stations, and iPads to stay entertained and plugged in. 

We also provide our patients with changing tables in bathrooms for parents of young children. Once our West Reading orthodontist welcomes you into her office, she will perform an oral exam, take digital x-rays, and photographs of your teeth and jaws. 

This paints a clear picture of any orthodontic problems that could be present, including misaligned teeth, gaps, or a misaligned bite. Dr. Hottenstein will review these scans to determine what issues are present and she will review these with you so you understand what orthodontic problems you are dealing with and how they could be affecting other areas of your life. 

For example, a misaligned bite can lead to teeth grinding while you sleep and damage to your teeth. Then, she will formulate a treatment plan that will address these orthodontic concerns and which fits into your budget.

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