Do Ceramic Braces Stain?

Braces are the best-known and most effective orthodontic treatment for a variety of issues concerning the alignment of the teeth or jaws. Over the years, the technology of this system has evolved a lot, and nowadays patients can enjoy advanced methods to correct their orthodontic defects, without discomfort.

Ceramic braces have been gaining popularity because they are more discreet than traditional metal ones. Many patients, especially younger ones, but also professionals and people who work with the public, are concerned about their appearance when choosing their treatment.

One of the questions our clients have when it comes to ceramic braces is - do they stain?

Let's find out! 

What Are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces came as an answer to the concern that metal braces are too visible, creating self-confidence issues and making the patient dislike the treatment process. They are made with clear or tooth-colored attachments and clear wires that are much less visible than the normal, silver ones.

Do Ceramic Braces Stain?

A common myth surrounding ceramic braces is that they stain easily, making their purpose - being discreet - useless. The fact is that the ceramic material that the attachments are made of will never stain, but the elastic bands can potentially change color if exposed to certain foods and drinks. 

Also, if you wear braces and use whitening agents or treatments, the area underneath the attachments will not respond to treatment and your teeth remain stained after the braces are removed. This is why it’s not recommended to whiten your teeth while wearing braces, but to instead wait until the treatment is over.

Possible staining can be caused by having difficulties when cleaning your teeth, which is a downside of wearing braces. Be very thorough when under treatment and rinse, clean, and brush your teeth as often as you can, especially after every meal. 

How to Prevent Staining of Your Ceramic Braces

Besides excellent oral hygiene, you can prevent your ceramic braces from staining by minimizing their contact with highly pigmented foods and drinks, like coffee, tea, berries, even tomato sauce. 

Rinse your mouth every time you have foods and drinks like these, or avoid them altogether. Brush your teeth and floss carefully using the techniques and instruments shown by your dentist. 

If your braces did get stained, discuss this with your doctor and see if there is any solution, including the replacement of brackets or wires, or other types of cleaning or treatment. 

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