What Kind Of Braces Are Right For Me?

If you’re considering braces in Wyomissing, you may be wondering which type of braces are right for you. We offer both metal braces and ceramic braces at Molly Hottenstein Orthodontics, and either treatment may be a good option depending on your situation and your needs. Read on to get more information, or contact us now for a consultation.

Traditional Metal Braces – Understanding The Basics

Metal braces have been used in orthodontics for more than a century, and you probably already know the basics about how they work. Dr. Hottenstein will secure a series of metal brackets and bands to your teeth. Then, a wire is run through these brackets and locked in place using elastics.

By making adjustments to the wire, Dr. Hottenstein can change the pressure the braces exert on your teeth. Over time, this changes and corrects the position of your teeth.

Ceramic Braces – Understanding The Basics

Ceramic braces are basically the same as metal braces. However, they’re made from different materials. They use slightly larger ceramic brackets, which can be clear or matched to the color of your teeth. In addition, a tooth-colored wire and elastics are used, ensuring a better cosmetic appearance.

Because ceramic braces look similar to your natural teeth, they’re much less obvious when worn, so they are quite popular with older adults who want to correct the position of their teeth.

What’s The Better Choice For Me? Comparing Metal Vs. Ceramic Braces

Wondering what the right option is for you? Let’s take a look at a few of the differences between metal braces and ceramic braces now so that you can make the right decision.

  • Appearance – Ceramic braces are made from clear or tooth-colored brackets with a tooth-colored archwire. This means your braces will look more like your natural teeth, so your appearance will not be affected as heavily when wearing these braces. Metal braces, on the other hand, are much more obvious.
  • Durability – Metal braces are more durable compared to ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are quite strong, but the ceramic material is prone to chipping, which is not true of metal braces. You will need to be more cautious about your diet, and you should make sure to follow Dr. Hottenstein’s instructions to avoid foods that may damage your braces.
  • Versatility – Metal braces are more versatile and can tolerate more pressure than ceramic braces, making them better for serious orthodontic problems.
  • Cost – Ceramic braces tend to be slightly more expensive than metal braces, though the difference is not always significant. In addition, ceramic braces may not be fully covered by insurance, while metal braces often are. If cost is a concern, make sure to get an estimate for both treatments from Dr. Hottenstein. 

See What’s Right For You At Molly Hottenstein Orthodontics

Still not sure which type of braces may be right for you, don’t worry. Dr. Molly Hottenstein is here to help. Contact us now or give us a call at (484) 258-2299 to schedule a consultation at Molly Hottenstein Orthodontics, and Dr. Hottenstein can help you learn more about each treatment, and choose the right one for your orthodontic needs.

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